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Miami Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Ambulance

Hawaii Air Ambulance |Hawaii Air Medical Transport

American Jet Rescue provides Air Ambulance, and medevac services from Hawaii for patients requiring air medical transport back to the mainland.

Direct, Non-Stop Air Ambulance service from Hawaii to California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, British Columbia and one-stop to all the USA and Canada.


Our modern Falcon 50 jets are capable of transporting patients from any island in Hawaii to virtually anywhere in the world. The Falcon 50 Jets can fly to and from Hawaii at any given time regardless of the Wind Condition. Other air ambulance companies that utilize the smaller Learjet 36 cannot make the flight when having moderate head winds.

Being Able to fly directly with less stops saves precious time and money!

The Falcon 50 Features


  • DUAL ICU / CCU Patient Care units.

  • Extend Oxygen Source

  • Neonatal care with the hospital based transport team and equipment

  • ECMO Capabilities

  • Hot meal Service

  • First Class Seating for travel companions

  • Enclosed lavatory

  • Electric Loading Ramp

  • External baggage compartment

Please call us at 877-823-1911 to talk to one of our air ambulance specialists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Or, fill out an online quote request form and we will contact you at your convenience.




Falcon 50 Air Ambulance Comparizon to the Learjet 36
Miami Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Ambulance
Miami Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Ambulance
Miami Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Ambulance
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