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Miami Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Ambulance

25 years Providing the best medical care in the air ambulance industry

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Miami Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Ambulance

RELAX ,We will make your job easier!


With over 25 years of experience, At American Jet Rescue we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and service for our patients,Our flight coordinators are committed to simplifying the air  medical transport process, saving you time and reducing stress on your patients and their families when booking an air ambulance.

We know that as a case manager, you handle hundreds of details daily, balancing your administrative duties with patient care. We are here to help!


  • Coordinate the air and ground transportation at both discharging and receiving facilities.

  • Review each patient’s condition with our Medical Director.

  • Make arrangements with the receiving facility verifying the receiving Doctor and bed.

  • Communicate safe arrival directly with family members, bedside caregivers, and case managers.

  • Contact the patient’s insurance company and handle billing arrangements.

  • Update medical teams at both sending and receiving facilities throughout transport.


American Jet Rescue will diligently plan and execute all aspects of the air ambulance transportation process, saving you time, and relieving the worry and stress that patients and their families often encounter. Once you have used our air ambulance services, we know that you will return, simply for the peace of mind that your patient was cared for and transported by one of the most committed and experienced provider in the world. Call us today, and find out why American Jet Rescue will be your first choice when you need an air ambulance company you can trust and rely on.

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