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Medical Transport Florida | Jet Rescue Ambulance

Air ambulance Worldwide - Critical Care Service

Medical Transport Florida | Jet Rescue Ambulance

Far Away From Home?  Dont worry , we will bring your loved one back,safely and comfortably  by air ambulance.

American Jet Rescue will alleviate this stress by thoughtfully and carefully handling all of the details and planning associated with an air ambulance transport.Experience,financial strenght and dedication are critical for a safe and succesful air ambulance service. You and your loved one can relax, knowing that we are the best prepared and experienced air ambulance when it comes to transporting your loved one safely, compassionately and cost effectively.

Most Insurance accepted


Insurance coverage on air ambulance flights is determined on a case by case basis. From the moment you call, we begin researching your health insurance coverage, identifying benefits and exclusions. For most, reading through insurance policies can be challenging and time consuming, leaving the reader without a definitive answer whether air ambulance service is a covered benefit or not.

Medical Transport Florida | Jet Rescue Ambulance
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