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Air Ambulance Florida | Jet Rescue Ambulance

Repatriation of unfunded foreign nationals

Assisting in placing patients in  healthcare facilities close to their home.

We make it happen!

American Jet Rescue works closely with case managers to develop a thorough treatment and discharge plan. Once the patient is stable to be transported, the case manager identifies the patient as a American Jet Rescue candidate. Our experienced bilingual case managers consults the patient or patients' family to explain the services offered. With an agreed upon length of stay and the patient's consent, we arrange  medical transportation to a hospital nearest the patient's home. American Jet Rescue will facilitate the transfer directly to a hospital or dialysis treatment center in our network. American Jet Rescue will provide the case manager or hospital designee with interim progress reports as requested. Meanwhile, the patient receives the medical care as prescribed in familiar surroundings with family and friends!

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